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If youre looking to buy Xbox Series X right now then T3s retailer guide is here to help. We spend each and every week following which retailers have stock and who announces that theyre going to shortly, and we list that information right here in our Xbox Series X stock tracker.

And now, picking up an Xbox Series X is getting easier than it has ever been. Thats because tens of thousands of new consoles are hitting retailers, with the scarcity of last year slowly beginning to fade away. Just this week for example, weve seen stock go live in the US at GameStop and Walmart, while in the UK weve seen Box and GAME both drop consoles.

More consoles are tipped for other retailers this week, too, so we advise anyone looking to buy Xbox Series X to follow as many stock trackers as possible, as well as retailers online social channels. Especially on Prime Day! Were seeing some retailers announce when theyre going to drop their next allotment of consoles on Twitter, for example.

To jump straight to the retailers to check for Xbox Series X stock in your region simply click the nearby menu option, or scroll down for every store.

Where to buy Xbox Series X [USA]

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Amazon US Amazon rolled out more Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles last month, so we advise gamers to watch the site daily now in March as were expecting a new wave imminently. Amazon also has a great range of Xbox Series X games and accessories, too.

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Walmart Walmart had an Xbox Series X restock last month, and surprised us with another last week. The retailer has started shutting down scalper-controlled AI reseller bots, too, so we have high hopes for its next wave of consoles, which are tipped to land imminently.

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Best Buy Best Buy had an Xbox Series X and Series S restock last month and it is one of the most talked-of retailers in terms of early 2021 stock drops. It releases stock in waves and sells out fast, so prep an account to get through checkout as quickly as possible.

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GameStop GameStop has been a great place to check for new consoles, although its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restocks are limited in quantity. To maximise your chances of getting one, we advise making an account so that you can fly through checkout as fast as possible. Xbox Series S bundles were available mere days ago, so well be keeping an eye on the website for sure.

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Microsoft Store

While the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Microsofts babies, visiting the store right now and trying to buy one will direct you to retail partner websites where you can pick up the consoles. You can actually buy the consoles on the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so try that too! In the meantime, bookmark the website, and keep checking in.

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Target Target has sold out of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The retailer hasnt confirmed that its getting more in yet, but wed expect more consoles to drop in February 2021, so keep the stores product pages open.

Where to buy Xbox Series X [UK]

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BOX BOX uses a novel approach in the interest of fairness, with a ballot format used to decide which gamers get a console. Customers register their interest for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and the winners are selected and given the opportunity to buy one. Another ballet is called to happen this Friday.

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Amazon UK Amazons stock drops have come without warning and weve already seen more Xbox Series S in stock at the retails across its regional websites last  week. Prime Day sees more stock flood the website so be sure to grab one while you can.

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Currys Currys has been pretty good when it comes to restocks, and it dropped more inventory of the Xbox Series S last month. The retailer offers standalone console, as well as bundles, and finance options to set you up with a next gen Xbox for as little as £10 per month. Thats if you can get in a queue early and actually get through checkout, though.

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Very Very is a great place to visit for the new consoles, but it tends to sell out pretty fast so dont expect to see stock available for long. Its already had a restock of the Xbox Series S last month, so bookmark the page!

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Argos Argos is unequivocally out of PS5 stock and, from what weve seen so far, the retailers stock always sells out pretty quickly, so if we see any more consoles pop up, youll need to act fast. Truth be told we think Argos wont get many more consoles until late February or early March 2021, but we could be wrong.

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GAME GAME has had multiple Xbox Series X and Series S restocks in 2021 so far, and after dropping 10,000 PS5s this week is now expected to drop a similar showing in its next Xbox wave. GAME is very good at communicating when its consoles are going to be made available, so we advise gamers to start following its social media channels.

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JD Williams JD Williams is was selling an Xbox Series X bundle recently for £619.99 that featured the console and controller, a twin charging station, and three games; Assassins Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, and Watch Dogs: Legion. It was pricey, given that the standalone console retails for £449. Bought individually, you could pick all of this up for around £600, so it wasnt value for money, but it did mean its buyer got a console.

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Microsoft Store

Microsoft is the source of the Xbox, so hopefully itll be getting in on the restock action for both of its consoles soon. The Xbox Series S has popped up in the UK store with some frequency, while last year, the US arm let players order consoles through the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so you can try accessing it on your console to see how you get on. 

John Lewis Not a retailer many would think of for game console orders, but John Lewis fantastic customer service and two-year guarantee actually make it a great place to lock-in an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Unexpectedly, both were back in stock earlier in the year, but have since sold out. Wed bet that more consoles will arrive in early to mid-March.

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The Game Collection The Game Collection released an Xbox Series S Fortnite bundle last month for £399.95! It included the console, Fortnite The Last Laugh bundle, Rob Golden Boots Rivera Cable Guy device holder, and Turtle Beach Atlas Three Amplified Gaming Headset. That is no longer available but were expecting something similar in the coming weeks.

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Littlewoods Surprisingly, Littlewoods has jumped in on the Xbox Series X restock action. Following in the footsteps of Very, it released an Xbox Series S bundle including an extra controller for £319.99 but has since sold out. An outside bet for more consoles in February 2021.

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Smyths Toys Smyths Toys got a PS5 restock in late last year, and its absolutely another site to bookmark for an Xbox Series X restock, so keep checking in for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Smyths is one of those stores not many people think about when shopping for gaming hardware, so could be a great way to bag a system.

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ShopTo ShopTo released more PS5 stock in late December last year, offering console + game and accessory bundles, but the main thing is that the inventory was available, which right now it isnt. Well be checking the website for Microsofts console which may be similarly discounted.

Where to buy Xbox Series X [AUS]

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Microsoft Store Microsoft is currently directing customers to its retail partners to find their next-gen consoles as its out of stock of both the Series X and Series S. In the US, you can purchase the consoles on the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so give that a try as well. 

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EB Games EBs Xbox Series X and S console stock hasnt been huge, but we are expecting more consoles in February 2021, so its worth checking out throughout the month.

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JB Hi-Fi JB suspended its Xbox Series X pre-orders, but promised more when it has confirmation of more stock. So its worth checking the website for the Xbox Series X over the next week or two week.

Harvey Norman One of the official partners on Microsoft’s ‘pre-order retailers’ list, Harvey Norman had a large allocation of consoles available to pre-order, and we expect it to be getting an Xbox Series X restock in February 2021.

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