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Hey all! V1.0

Over the years, Ive collected nearly all the Palladium books, and nearly all of the PDFs. This is my collection, including a few custom made character sheets. This is unfortunately, not all of them, and two of them kinda suck, but its the most comprehensive collection Ive seen on the net. If youve got either a better file than Ive got, or a file that Im missing, please feel free to share it with me and Ill add it to the list!

File List:

Chaos Earth

Core Rule Book

Creatures of Chaos

Rise of Magic


Compendium of Weapons, Armor & Castles 2e

Compendium of Weapons, Armor & Castles

Compendium of Contemporary Weapons 2e

Compendium of Contemporary Weapons

Book of Exotic Weapons

Book of Weapons and Armor 2e

Book of Weapons and Armor 3e

Book of Weapons and Assassins

Book of Weapons and Assassins 2e

Weapons, Armor & Castles of the Orient


Palladium Fantasy Main Book 2e

Dragons & Gods

Monsters & Animals

World Book 02 - Old Ones

World Book 03 - Adventures on the High Seas

World Book 04 - Adventures in the Northern Wilderness

World Book 05 - Further Adventures in the Northern Wilderness

World Book 06 - Island at the Edge of the World

World Book 07 - Yin-Sloth Jungles

World Book 08 - Western Empire

World Book 10 - Mount Nimro

World Book 11 - Eastern Territory

World Book 12 - Library of Bletherad

World Book 14 - Lands of the Damned 1 - Chaos Lands

Aliens Unlimited

Aliens Unlimited

Aliens Unlimited Galaxy Guide

Heroes Unlimited

Main Rule Book

GMs Guide

Gramercy Island

Justice Machine

Mutant Underground

Powers Unlimited 1

Powers Unlimited 2

Villians Unlimited


Main Rule Book

World Book 1 - Between the Shadows

World Book 3 - Through the Glass Darkly

Ninjas & Superspies

Main Rule Book

Mystic China


Adventure Book 01

Bionics Sourcebook

Book of Magic

Chi-Town Burbs - Forbidden Knowledge

Conversion Book 1

Conversion Book 2 - Pantheons of the Megaverse

Conversion Book 3 - Dark Conversions

Dimension Book 1 - Wormwood

Dimension Book 2 - Phase World

Dimension Book 3 - Phase World Sourcebook - this scan sucked

Dimension Book 4 - Skraypers

Dimension Book 5 - Anvil Galaxy

Dimension Book 6 - Three Galaxies

Game Master Guide

Main Rule Book

Manhunter - By Myrmadon Press!!! the only company to ever produce a supplement for Rifts that was authorized by Kevin!


Siege on Tolkeen 1 - Sedition

Siege on Tolkeen 2 - Coalition Overkill

Siege on Tolkeen 3 - Sorcerers Revenge

Siege on Tolkeen 4 - Cyber-Knights

Siege on Tolkeen 5 - Shadows of Evil

Siege on Tolkeen 6 - Final Siege

Source Book 2 - Mechanoids

Source Book 3 - Mindwerks

Source Book 4 Coalition Navy

The Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy

World Book 01 - Vampire Kingdoms - this scan sucked

World Book 02 - Atlantis

World Book 03 - England

World Book 04 - Africa

World Book 05 - triax and the NGR

World Book 06 - South America 1

World Book 07 - Underseas

World Book 08 - Japan

World Book 09 - South America 2

World Book 10 - Juicer Uprising

World Book 11 - Coalition War Campaign

World Book 12 - Psyscape

World Book 13 - Lonestar

World Book 14 - New West

World Book 15 - Spirit West

World Book 16 - Federation of Magic

World Book 17 - Warlords of Russia

World Book 18 - Mystic Russia

World Book 19 - Australia

World Book 20 - Canada

World Book 21 - Splynn Dimensional Market

World Book 22 - Free Quebec

World Book 23 - Xiticix Invasion

World Book 24 - China 1 Yama Kings

Rifts Ultimate Edition

Rifts Treasure Tables - Collected tables from the Palladium Forums in a .doc file


Macross II Deck Plans Volume One

Macross II Deck Plans Volume Two

Macross II Deck Plans Volume Three

Macross II Main Rule Book

Macross II Source Book 1

Robotech Book 1 Main Rule Book

Robotech Book 1 RDF Manual

Robotech Book 1 Zentraedi

Robotech Book 1 Southern Cross

Robotech Book 1 Invid Invasion

Robotech Book 1 Return of the Masters

Robotech Book 1 New World Order

Robotech Book 1 Strike Force

Robotech Book 1 Zentraedi Breakout

Robotech Book 1 Robotech Insurrection

Robotech Cardstock Miniatures

Robotech II The Sentinels

Robotech II The Sentinels - REF Field Guide

Adventures - Ghost Ship

Adventures - Accelerated Training Program

Adventures - Lancers Rockers

Robotech/Rifts Timeline

The Rifter

The Rifter #01

The Rifter #02

The Rifter #03

The Rifter #04

The Rifter #05

The Rifter #06

The Rifter #07

The Rifter #08

The Rifter #09

The Rifter #10

The Rifter #11

The Rifter #13

The Rifter #14

The Rifter #15

The Rifter #16

The Rifter #17

The Rifter #18

The Rifter #19

The Rifter #20

The Rifter #22

The Rifter #23

The Rifter #24

The Rifter #25

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT & other Strangeness RPG

Guide to the univers

After the Bomb

Mutants in Orbit

Road Hogs

Mutants in Avalon


GM Screen - Magic & Psionics

GM Screen - Technology

GM Screen

Systems Failure

Advanced Recon

Heroes Unlimited and Rifts Errata

Beyond the Supernatural Boxed Nightmares

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