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Download Consolidated Capital Gains Statement from KARVY

Last updated on July 5th, 2021

When an investment (e.g. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real estate), is sold, the profit part of the sale value is called Capital Gains. In such a situation, capital gains are taxable in the year they are realized or in the financial year when you made the sale.

Therefore, in order to assess the tax liability and file the tax returns correctly, the taxpayer needs to know about their earnings from the capital gains during the financial year.

This information is generally contained in a Capital Gains statement for their investments. If you are investing in Mutual Funds in a non-Demat form there are multiple ways to get your Capital Gains statement for the financial year. In this case, we will discuss the method to get the consolidated capital gains report from KARVY.

Investors investing via more than two platforms and/or investing offline as well can make use of the consolidated Capital Gains statement mailback service provided by RTAs like CAMS and KARVY.

Steps to Download Consolidated Capital Gains Statement from KARVY

  1. KARVY Online

    Visit the KARVY investor mail-back service for the capital gains website.KARVY

  2. After KARVY Login

    After logging in, scroll down and click on the Investor Service tab. KARVY

  3. Capital Gain Mail Option

    Moreover, click on the capital gain by mail option. KARVY

  4. Enter the required details

    Enter the e-mail ID registered in your investment folios.
    Password – This is the password for opening the attachment. You can set it to anything you want.
    Choose 1st April 2018 from the date picker and for To Date chooses 31st March 2019 to get the Capital Gains statement for the previous Financial YearKARVY

Once the form is filled, click on the option to submit. Contrary to the situation with CAMS, you will instantly receive the statement in your mail.



Can I invest on online instead of offline?

Yes, once you register with your PAN, all your existing investments done through Karvy will be visible on this platform. However, you will not be able to edit/redeem the offline investments through this account.

Can I invest in direct plans of mutual funds through this account?

No, you can invest only in regular plans of mutual funds through this online investment account.

Do I have to register e-mandate separately for all the transaction I do on the KARVY platform?

No, this is a one time process. This process is linked to bank account.

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