Jack Spencer’s Stock Portfolio

Below is Jack Spencer’s long term portfolio. Many of these companies are solid investments that are sure to go up on the long term.

Investment strategy

Long term

Jack is young but already laser focused to build up a good retirement.

Most stocks in this portfolio are fortune 500 companies that carry little risk. Additional to the low risk factor of these stocks, he receives dividend which he invests back in future stock purchases.

Short term

For potential massive growth, Jack has an aggressive short term strategy. Most of the stocks he holds are in the EV (Electrical Vehicle) and tech space.

He tends to invest in the early stage of companies and hold his stocks for at least a couple of months to multiple years.

Education & Career

When Jack Spencer was around 16 years old he became passionate about going to the gym. He became so passionate that he got a job at a hotel gym. As he gained more experience he got an opportunity to work at a personal trainer studio. He followed a course to become a certified nutritionist.

As a side hustle he gave online nutrition and bodybuilding advice.

On November 2017 Jack posted his first flog on Youtube about body building and his daily adventures. This was the start of numerous uploads over a one and a half year periode. Start of 2020 Jack shared his insights on the stocks he was investing in. Ever since he hasn’t looked back and has dedicated his channel to this.

Personal life


Jack Spencer is born in 1998.


You may have heard it from the way he speaks, but yes, Jack is Irish!


Currently Jack has a relationship with Sophie. She has featured several times in his older YouTube content.

Online presence


His Youtube account was created in September 2010 but his oldest video was released on March 6th 2020. Speaking of high growth!

His monthly stock tips are a requiring segment of his channel. A lot of his other videos are updates about stocks that he holds in his portfolio.


Jack Spencer has a page on Instagram but doesn’t post frequently.


In case you are a paid member of the Patreon page, you might have access to his Discord room including the possibility to contact him directly.

Donator – $5

  • This tier is just to sponsor Jack Spencer Investing and his channel

Official Patron – $10

  • Includes access to the Discord channel
  • You get live updates whenever he buys or sells stocks
  • Includes updates on new stocks he’s researching

Net worth

On June 2020, Jack had $7,000 invested in the stock market, but since then his Patreon, Youtube views and affiliate income has multiplied. We estimate that Jack Spencer Investing has a net worth of $170,000.

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