the first episode of snk is titled to you; 2000 years in the future. Most read this as to you who are 2000 years in the future, but from the beginning i read it as to you. 2000 years from where you are now. A lot of people seem to believe that attack on titan is set in the past, which is fair considering the technology and architecture; the ambiguously written title of the first episode. I couldnt find proof, or anything that would validate my idea in any way beyond well this is how it could be read, but recently, I was rewatching the series and I got onto the scene where Hanji is naming her captured titans. She goes into a story about cannibals who once roamed some mountains, and other things not so important. While listening to this I actually got curious about the story and decided to google it. Hanji Zoe said a long time ago and went into a story based off real life events that occurred in the fifteen hundreds, meaning it is impossible for the events of AoT to be set 2000 years before modern day, being that would set AoT behind the events of Hanjis story

EDIT- its nice to see interest in this topic. this theory would suggest attack on titan is set in an alternate timeline within our universe in which around the 1500s titans appeared and humans growth has stunted for at least two thousand years, leaving you with the technology you see in the series; the Fallout franchise is a mirror of this idea(but in that series the point of divergence from irl events technology prospers)

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