Does a focus on pockets of dislocation always work?

No.  Sometimes industries and companies are in a terminal decline.  Some price declines reflect merely a reversion to proper prices rather than an opportunity.  My experience, and credit background, helps me separate the opportunities from the bankruptcies.  

While this approach doesnt always work, it is a good place to hunt for unique and differentiated ideas.

What other types of investments do you look for?

I like to invest in companies that have long-term sustainable advantages.   

I like to invest in companies with management teams that intelligently allocate capital, operate frugally, and take a long term approach to business.

I also like to buy stocks that trade at large discounts to their fair value.

The ideal investment is a combination of all the above.

Can you manage my money?

No.  I only invest my own money.  This newsletter is intended to provide ideas that I find interesting.  Not all ideas will be right or suitable for everyone.  Check with your investment advisor before making any investments.

What do I get with my subscription?

You will get 10 to 12 issues per year.   

Each issue will include general market thoughts, idea updates, interesting investing articles from the internet, and two in depth investment ideas.  An issue is usually around 10 pages.

I will also send subscribers email updates on ideas and time sensitive opportunities.

What don’t you offer?

This newsletter is for people that take long-term value investing seriously.  This is not a newsletter pumping the latest speculative craze.

When do I get my first issue?

You will receive the latest issue as soon as you subscribe and you will get all subsequent issues as they are sent out, approximately monthly.  Subscribers that purchase a 1 year subscription get access to all previous issues.

What else do you offer?

I hope to provide a service where people can learn more about value investing.  I want to teach people how to approach markets and spot value.  I also want to provide my readers with my best investing ideas. 

I love discussing markets and ideas.  Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or thoughts on newsletter ideas or ideas of your own.

I must emphasize that I will not offer any specific portfolio recommendations or advice. Please speak to your financial advisor about that.

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