So far a nice almost 3$ pop off my idea of 23$ range holding as new support. If this stands to b true this could be monster setup I loaded up on 30$ calls for 3 months out.


Just an idea. This could Be setting up for double bottom. Last considlation range before rip had resiatnce at 23.14. We ripped and come back and now are using that previous resiatnce as support. I’m going to nibble a bit here. When there’s fear in the streets time To eat. This will be a longer hold here but should be an easy double in 5 months or less


eh eh gorgeous flag breakout


Im in shares @ 23.38


TICKER CODE: EH Company Name: EHANG HOLDINGS LIMITED Industry: US Stocks Technology Services Packaged Software Position Proposed: BUY (23.65-25.50) BUY ENTRY: NOT READY (23.65-25.50) 1st Partial Take Profit: 30.00-31.00 2nd Partial Take Profit: 38.00-39.00 3RD Partial Take Profit: 46.00-47.00 Stop Loss: 22.50 Technical Analysis 1. FALLING WEDGE PATTERN...


My advisor Marketmiracle has generated a purchase signal for the title Ehang Holding that according to the graphical situation seems to want to take flight. The target is from 21.46 usd to 28.17 for a potential profit of 31.29% The stock has a slightly negative market sentiment so it is possible that there is a hesitation before starting to rise, In any case...


In the short term, it might go up for a little bit, but the stock rose too much a couple of months ago, so I believe we will be in a bear market for a white, 10-14 USD is a great buy. I would keep the stock for a longer time once i would buy at that level and not for a trade.


EHang Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ:EH) is setting up a possible resistance breakout trade. Go long on a close above 24 (Heavily shorted stock)




EH suffered a severe blow from the short report and it looks like price is headed to the 200 MA before recovery is possible. If you are hodling, expect a bumpy ride before your patience is rewarded in the long run. Just my ideas, not financial advice.


Huge dump 17. feb, right before the big correction. RSI not much oversold yet MACD has no cross yet dont see a huge buy volume at support level 40 ish. Will follow the bearish channel down IMO. SELL


Still holding the support box and building a good volume there. It should reclaim and hold 200ma for a bullish outlook. Good risk/reward at the moment. Set a tight stop loss at $39. no position for me.


any idea about whats going on with EH??


Has anyone seen this company Ehang? NASDAQ:EH This company is too cool. Its a Chinese company that manufacturers flying cars. We want to buy one. TradingView really needs to start letting us post pictures and not just charts:( but basically Ehang manufactures and sells these flying cars that use dozens of helicopter blades to levitate. Youve never seen...


EH had a few predictable runs in the past couple of weeks. Two breakouts each giving 40-50% and then a free fall, leading to another 100% gain for dip buyers. We have used these opportunities in our group. The last one was a clear buy signal when it had support from 1- 200ma 2- whole number, 40 3- high bullish volume area accumulated around mid-Jan. The price...


Ehang,Inc Bought 125 EH @ $59 Target@$300 Date May 21, 2021 Buy limit @ $40 target@$900 July 1, 2021... Electric Passenger-grade. Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. Superior to the traditional manned aircraft, the technology design concept of EHang AAV follows three philosophies: full. redundancy to ensure security, autonomous pilot and cluster control of the...


Fifteen makes the heart sing


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Sector: Technology Services

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EHang Holdings Ltd. operates as an autonomous aerial vehicle technology platform company. It engages in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and operating AAVs and their supporting systems and infrastructure for a range of industries and applications, including passenger transportation, logistics, smart city management and aerial media solutions. The company was founded by Huazhi Hu and Yifang Derrick Xiong in December 2014 and is headquartered in Guangzhou, China.


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