Make the Most of Your Health Benefits

Welcome to the Health Benefits Education resource center for the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program.

These resources were created with members like you in mind. Use these educational resources to learn more about some of the common health issues facing GHIP members. 

Featured Topics


Headache and Migraine

More than 12,000 GHIP members saw a doctor or took prescription drugs to treat headache or migraine in the past year. If you are among them, you are not alone. Learn the impact of headaches and when to seek care.


Upper Respiratory Infections

A stuffy nose and sneezing develop into a runny nose and a cough—these symptoms, commonly associated with seasonal colds, are signs of an upper respiratory infection. Learn how to treat and prevent this common ailment, as well as when to see your doctor.


Parent Resources for Sick Children

Caring for a sick child can be overwhelming and scary. We’d do anything to help them feel better, and dont always know where to get the appropriate level of care for them. This page provides resources about where to get care, as well as signs and symptoms to look out for.

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