This research was performed by E.E. on AMC yahoo message board. He has been providing great info and regularly shares his research to help novice investors:

Hey Apes.....There are about 100M (legal) shares on loan. I did some calculations to come up with the realistic AMC SP when all the (legal) shares are returned. My calculations for the (legal) shares on loan when returned (first). Here it goes:

1). AMC share price jumped from $35 to $72 with 30M (legal) shares returned on June 2nd.

2). If 60M (legal) shares on loan are returned, AMC SP should be about $109.

3). If 90M (legal) shares on loan are returned, AMC SP should be about $146.

4). If all 100M (legal) shares on loan are returned, AMC SP should be about $158.30.......

I estimated there are about 3B synthetic shares (My estimate is low). Wes Christian thinks 9B to 26B synthetic shares. There may be more. I will provide my calculations for AMC SP based on my 3B synthetic shares created, 9B and 26B synthetic shares.

5). If 3B synthetic shares are returned (buy back/covered), AMC SP should be about $7,200.

6). If 9B synthetic shares are covered, AMC SP should be about $21,600.

7). If 26B synthetic shares are covered, AMC SP should be about $62,208.

We will find out the numbers of synthetic shares when Chad & Wes count them. I believe there will be FOMO when AMC SP starts to run from $100. There are probably many paper hands that will jump in once we short squeeze starts. The HIGH of AMC SP might be higher than $62,208 due to other variables (FOMO, Gamma Squeeze, more than 26B synthetic shares, etc). The MOASS will happen. Short HFs/MMs can only delayed the inevitable. It will come sooner or later. I am HODLING & BUYING until these GREED/CORRUPTED SHORT HFs cover.

These are only my research and opinions. Do your own research before investing.

And some additional research by E.E.

1). AMC will likely surpass Volkswagen SP when it has its short squeeze. Why? a). 5M Apes strong. The numbers continue to grow each trading day; b). 80%+ Apes own AMC LEGAL shares (20% by institution); c). I believe there are about 2.5B - 3B synthetic shares. d). There are more shorted AMC shares (legal & illegal) than any other stocks when all the synthetic shares are officially counted; e). Apes own about 480% of all legal & illegal shares; f). Short HFs/MMs have been heavily shorting AMC for the past 3 months, at about $10 Avg short position.

2). Short HFs/MMs used at least 7 different shorting tactics: 2a) They short in the Lit NYSE market; 2b). They massively bought in the Dark Pool & sold those shares in the Lit Market to manipulate SP to strike stop losses & get rid of paper hands; 2c). They short via the ETF (any and all ETF with AMC stock); 2d). They short using Options; 2e). They short via converting convertible notes/bonds/death spiral debt into shares & short those shares (AA decided to withdraw $600M convertible bond) to not give them any ammo; 2f). They short by FAKE selling among their many accounts to drive SP lower to strike stop losses; 2g). Even with SSR, they have the ability to mark short shares as short exempt......

3). Most if not all short HFs/MMs are under water since the Avg short position was $10, about 3 months ago. They are massive in over their heads. They will have to cover their short position eventually. Its a delay tactic to get as many paper hands out as possible before they cover. But, they have NOT covered it. Instead, they continue double/triple/quadruple down with their short positions. Check the short interest. It keeps going up......

4) They own more than 50% of the media. (Be careful what you read). The more under water these short HFs/MMs are, the more desperate they are & the more FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD we see/hear.....

5). They pump other stocks to get some paper hands to leave the AMC position to chase then dump those stocks. The only (2) stocks with majority of Apes holding are AMC & GME. AMC continues to have more buying orders than selling orders, even when its on low volume day & SP down. Remember the 7 shorting tactics mentioned on item #2.

6). I believe the market will likely crash due to AMC stock. The banks know this. Some are shutting down all existing personal lines of credit in coming weeks....

7). AMC anticipates that this weekend Black Widow will beat F9 last weeks opening. The Poirier vs. The McGregor fight will be shown at 95 AMC theaters this weekend.....

8). The CDC & FDA think the current vaccination will likely be safe for the Delta Variance. They do not think the booster shots are needed for the Delta Variance at this point. This is great news for AMC.....

9). Short HFs/MMs will likely go bankrupt if they continue to double down their short positions. The Options T+35; Threshold Security Listing for 13 calendar days plus T+2 (which mean next week; last week of July; Middle of August, early September, etc (Start with June 25th, count 13 calendar days from June 25, then add T+2 trading day). We might be in this position until the end of 2021 or better half of 2022 due to all the call options and if AMC continues to be on the Threshold Securities List in the weeks and months ahead).....

10). I believe short HFs/MMs will likely stop shorting at some point. All the SEC & FINRA rules have been put in place to stop this corrupted system for a more transparency & level playing field for Retail Apes. The short HFs/MMs often choose to pay the fines rather than stop shorting. The best case scenario I see is for them to short get in more deep water and start to go long or play some call options to recoup their losses. It costs them about $1 billion a day with the CTB fees. It costs Apes nothing to HODL. They have not been covered yet. I am HODLing for as long as it takes, until I see these short HFs/MMs cover. The Gamma Squeeze will eventually happen with all the Call Option Contracts. The Mother of All Squeezes is inevitable and will likely trigger once Gamma Squeeze strikes $100. When the MOASS strikes, we will likely see the most violent SP jumps......Call options T+35 & F-T-D of 13 calendar day plus T+2 will likely play out for weeks & months. This is the social & culture movement play to bankrupt these short HFs/MMs. Anyone talking about the fundamentals or tell you about other shorted stocks is FUD to get you out of your game.

These are only my research and opinions. Do your own research before investing.

It looks like the latest NSCC-2021-010, regards to naked shorting/synthetic shares, over-leveraged & liquidations (by short HFs.), just passed....

Dark pool is a primary reason that led short HFs to this predicament, total (7) shorting tactics, as I previously mentioned. These short HFs will NOT stop shorting or continue buying shares in the Dark pool & selling in the lit NYSE exchange to manipulate SP to trigger Stop Losses to rid of AMC Paper hands..... Last week high percentage was 91% at one point, in the dark pool. It used to be 50%, then 60%, now Avg 70%. It keeps going higher. Peter Hann, CFA, indicates $5,000 per AMC SP in the dark pool. Wes Christian estimated 9B - 26B synthetic shares. I estimated 3B synthetic shares (conservative). READ my previous posts to see my realistic AMC price target for 3B, 9B, & 26B synthetic shares......This is why we saw short HF bots told paper hands last week to sell at $300 - $350 when they see the fake squeeze......

AMC Paper Hands......There are more FUD out there than ever before. I suggest you choose carefully who you choose to listen to. There are FUD & more FUD by these short HFs & the media.....Ask yourself why would short HF bots want you to sell at $300 - $350? when Peter Hann, CFA indicates $5,000 in the dark pool or Wes Christian indicates 9B - 26B synthetic shares.

Also, Robinhood & Webull route retail orders through Citadel. Do not use Robinhood or Webull.

The Fed wants the short squeeze to take its natural course. But, they do NOT want to repeat the huge crash of 2008......

They know that once the short HFs start to liquidate (sell) all their other positions to cover their massive AMC short positions, the market will likely crash. The longer this play out, the worst the market crash will likely be. The Fed/DTCC will likely step in to enforce short HFs to start cover their short positions, pretty soon, imo. The longer the Fed lets this goes on, the worst for the short HFs over-leveraged & the bigger the market crash. But, the DTCC also know the short squeeze is inevitable & the DTCC will have to bail out these short HFs. I am continuing buying the dips & HODLING until the short HFs cover. These are only my research and opinions. Do your own research before investing.

Updated 7/28/2021

FINRA May 2021 Dark Pool reported just revealed 1.5B AMC shares traded in the dark pool or about 300% AMC shares traded in the dark pool. According to chart, there was about 10M F-T-D Shares in MAY 2021......

Per chart, there were 46.5M F-T-D Shares in JUNE 2021......When Compared the F-T-D shares for May & June, I estimated about about 6.975B AMC Shares were traded in the dark pool in June 2021 or about 1,395% AMC shares traded in the Off exchange. The FINRA JUNE report has NOT come out yet. These are only my estimates., based on chart. These are only my research and opinions. Do your own research before investing.

I use fact data/reports to calculate AMC realistic Share Price (SP) using two different methodologies: According to FINRA MAY 2021 report and FINTEL.IO chart, I estimated about 8 billion AMC shares were traded in the OFF Exchange (Dark pool) for MAY & JUNE 2021.......This does not include the current month of July. I predicted the JULY synthetic shares will be even higher than 7B synthetic shares in June, based on the Dark pool percentage of SHFs AMC trading Activity. If the July 2021 synthetic shares are higher than 7B synthetic shares in June, I estimate about 9B - 10B synthetic shares for July. I predict the synthetic shares from May to July alone are about 18B synthetic shares.

The.GME naked short percentage was 140% & GME SP jumped to $483 during short squeeze..... The AMC naked short percentage was 1,400% for May & June or about (10X of GME), AMC SP should be $4,830. This does not include JULY.....

If we add the March, April & July naked short to May & June or total about 18B synthetic shares or 3000%, AMC SP should be about $10,000 per share. Wes Christian estimated between 9B - 26B synthetic shares.

The 30MM returned shares on June 2nd was reported. My previous SP calculations based on the linear 30mm returned shares on June 2nd as follow: (Remember, this is a very conservative estimate)..... For 3B synthetic shares==>AMC SP should be about $7,200 per share. For 9B synthetic shares==>$21,600; For 26B synthetic shares ==>$62,208 per share. I based the estimated AMC SP by (2) aforementioned methodology. However method I use, the synthetic shares are mounting for these SHFs. The AMC MOASS will be the biggest in the history of the MOASS. But, it doesnt stop here......Dark pool trading continues......These SHFs keep digging a deeper hole for themselves......These are only my research and opinions. Do your own research before investing. I will continue to buy the dips & HODLING until these SHFs cover.

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