Dah Sing Bank Limited
  • SEHK2356
  • (as Dah Sing Banking Group Limited)
Founded1 May 1947; 74 years ago
HeadquartersDah Sing Financial Centre, 248 Queens Road East, Wan Chai,

Key people

David Shou-Yeh Wong, Chairman
Derek Hon-Hing Wong, CEO
Decrease HKD5.4 billion (2019)[1]
Decrease HKD2.2 billion (2019)[1]
Total assetsIncrease HKD243 billion (2019)[1]
Dah Sing Bank
Traditional Chinese大新銀行
Yue: Cantonese
Yale RomanizationDaaih sān ngàhn hòhng
JyutpingDaai6 san1 ngan4 hong4


Dah Sing Banking Group Limited (DSBG) is a Hong Kong-based banking and financial company, headquartered in Wan Chai. It has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2004. It has three main banking subsidiaries (Dah Sing Bank, Banco Comercial de Macau and Dah Sing Bank (China) Limited) providing relevant services through a branch network of around 70 branches over Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, and a securities trading company.

The group was established on 1 May 1947.[2] Mr. David Shou-Yeh Wong was appointed as the chairman whilst Mr. Harold Tsu-Hing Wong (王祖興), the son of Mr. David Wong, joined as the group managing director and chief executive of DSBG.

A majority share in Dah Sing Banking Group is the major asset of Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited (大新金融集團), which undertakes insurance business and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1987, and which is in turn held by the Dah Sing Group.[3] As at 31 December 2019, the group recorded the total asset as 243.4b HKD, total shareholders funds as 27.3b HKD, customers advances as 135.9b HKD and profit attributable to shareholders as 2.2b HKD.[1]


1947: Establishment of Dah Sing Bank, Limited (DSB).

1987: DSB acquired Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Bank Limited; Public listing of Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited(DSFH)

1990: Establishment of Dah Sing Life Assurance Co. Limited.

1993: DSFH acquired Wing On Bank Limited.

1994: Dah Sing Bank transferred its 40% ownership at Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Bank to China Construction Bank.[4]

1997: DSFH, Abbey National plc and Hambros Bank Limited went into a contract to jointly run the Wing On Bank Limited as a Hong Kong-based private bank and renamed it as DAHP.[4]

1998: Dah Sing Bank sold an additional 30% shareholding interest at Jian Sing Bank (formerly known as Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Bank) to China Construction Bank.[4]

2000: DSFH acquired ownerships of DAHP from Abbey and SG Hambros (formerly known as Hambros Bank Limited). DAHP became a subsidiary of DSFH while the private banking business, loans and deposits from DAHP were undertaken by Dah Sing Bank.[5]

2002: China Construction Bank purchased the remaining equity interest of Jian Sing Bank from Dah Sing Bank.[4]

2004: Separate listing of Dah Sing Banking Group Limited.

2005: DSBG completed the acquisition of 100% of Pacific Finance (HK) Limited,[6][7] 100% of BCM Bank (Banco Comercial de Macau) and 96% equity interests in BCM’s general and life insurance subsidiaries from Banco Comercial Portugues.[8][9]

2007: DSB completed the acquisition of a 17% total equity interest in the Bank of Chongqing (BOCQ).[10]

2010: DSB integrated with MEVAS Bank (formerly known as DAHP).[11]

2011: Establishment of OK Finance Limited.[12]

2017: DSFH sold its entire shareholding interest in life insurance business in Hong Kong and Macau to Tahoe Investment Group Co. Limited.[13][14]

2019: First bank in Hong Kong to offer full virtual loan application – no need for income proof and address proof

2021: Opened Queens Road East Branch

Dah Sing Financial Holdings[edit]

Dah Sing Financial Holdings was founded on 22 Apr 1987.

  • Chairman: David Wong Shou-yeh (since 1987)
  • Chief Executive: Derek Wong Hon-hing (since 2002)

List of Former Chief Executives[edit]

  1. Ronald Carstairs (1991–2001)

Dah Sing Banking Group[edit]

Dah Sing Banking Group was founded on 11 Mar 2004.

  • Chairman: David Wong Shou-yeh (since 2004)
  • Chief Executive: Derek Wong Hon-hing (since 2017); second term

List of Former Chief Executives[edit]

  1. Derek Wong Hon-hing (2004–2011)
  2. Harold Wong Tsu-hing (2011–2017)

Dah Sing Bank[edit]

Dah Sing Bank was founded on 1 May 1947.

  • Chairman: David Wong Shou-yeh (since 1983)
  • Chief Executive: Derek Wong Hon-hing (since 2000)

List of Former Chairmen[edit]

  1. Yang Yuan-loong (1947–1957)
  2. Wong Shih-sing (1957–1983)

List of Former Chief Executives[edit]

  1. Edward Cheung Ting-yat (1974–1986)
  2. John William Simpson (1986–1991)
  3. Ronald Carstairs (1991–2000)

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