“This is probably the right time to be slightly more cautious on midcap IT in terms of the way the valuations have gone up. ”

“Housing is a longer term trend and the way to play it is directly through real estate stocks as the home improvement sector is connected to real estate. When you are investing in real estate, be sure that you are backing the right promoters,” says Nilesh Shah

“One should look at Reliance as an investment portfolio stock rather than waiting for short term triggers.”

The appointment comes a month after the startup raised over $600 million in funding.

“RBI will be data driven. In the first phase, they will be pro-growth and at some point of time when growth is certain, they will change their stance towards controlling inflation.”

The list comprises M&M Financial, Affle India, Amara Raja, CEAT, RBL Bank, Escorts and Can Fin Homes. Individuals, who own up to Rs 2 lakh worth of shares, raised their stakes in these companies by at least 200 basis points during the June quarter.

“We are forecasting certain growth for which we are expanding the capacities. These capacities will come into play from early December of 2022.”

In the past one year, the fund has returned 6% higher than the dynamic bond fund category that returned 3.67%. The top three holdings in the fund are HDFC Low Duration, Axis Credit Risk and HDFC Credit Risk Fund.

Money managers expect the market momentum to remain positive for the time being given the near 2 per cent rise in the benchmarks this week despite the large initial public offering of Zomato, which saw bids worth over Rs 2 lakh crore.

The Rs 500 crore initial public offer of Tatva Chintan Pharma...

“We would continue to spend 2% to 3% of revenue on R&D and that would translate into a strong top line growth.”

Shah’s comment came in the backdrop of several US-listed Chinese companies seeing a cumulative drop of over $800 billion in their market capitalisation from their peak, due to strict regulations brought in by the US as well as Chinese authorities.

The first half of the year saw massive capital inflows as startups raised as much as $12.1 billion from venture capitalists and private equity firms

Encube Ethicals’ funding round, that saw participation of Quadria Capital and Gulf Islamic Investments, provides an exit to early backer Renuka Ramnath-led Multiples Private Equity.

The market can become greedy or fearful in the short term resulting in mis-pricing. However, in the long term, the market will be driven purely by the fundamentals

The brokerage firm has launched ‘KyaTrade’ app on mobile to provide actionable investment ideas for its clients and investors. The app allows investors to ‘right swipe’ the investment idea they like and take action on it, while ‘left swiping’ ideas they do not.

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