Web sites with information, tutorials, tools, etc. are collected here. Unless otherwise indicated, all links provide some amount of free information, though many have paywalled content as well. Some sites require registration and account creation to access free tools and information.

In some cases, the same site may be repeated in different sections, since the site provides multiple types of content or tools.

Within each section, links are listed alphabetically. Dont just try the first one, check them all out.

The sub also has sidebar resource and information links that are not duplicated here. For your convenience, the sidebar links for the sub can be accessed from here:


Equities, Funds, and Indexes

This section contains resource links for information about underlying investments. Resources specifically for options start in the next section.

Due Diligence & Research

Armstrong Economics macro-trends

BAMSEC aggregated filings explorer (subscription with free trial) PLUG sample

CNN Fear & Greed Index

Dividend.com ex-div date search

Finviz stock research

Gurufocus stock research

SEC Edgar search for SEC filings

Wallmine stock research (USA, Canada, EU, China, India, Brazil, and others)

Yahoo Finance company profile, including GICS sector and industry classification


ETF overlap calculator: how much of XLK is in QQQ?

Zacks.com database of holdings for any ETF


Compound Growth Rate (CAGR) calculator

Future Value calculator


Portfolio Visualizer backtesting and Monte Carlo simulation for forecasting

Charting, Forecasting and Technical Analysis

AutoChartist charting tools (free subscription provided by some brokers)

Daytrading.com introduction to TA tutorial

Investing.com Index Indicators

StockCharts SharpChart

Screeners & Scanners

Barchart stock screener

Estimize estimated move screener (subscription with free trial)

Finviz stock screener

Koyfin Real-Time Quotes and Charting (requires registration, has an app)

Optionslam Earnings Calendar tool (requires registration)

Robinhood meme stocks leaderboard

Swaggystocks WSB sentiment leaderboard

TradingView stock screener

Wallmine stock screener

Investing & Finance blogs, video and podcast channels

All general investing blogs, video and podcast channels are collected here, even though they may apply to other sections as well, like Tutorials or Brokers & Trading Platforms.

Aswath Damadarans YouTube channel -- hardcore economics and equity valuation

A Wealth Of Common Sense blog

Jeff Clark Trader blog

Lyn Alden blog

Money & Finance forum (stackexchange)

PensionCraft (UK-centric, but often features US analysis) YouTube channel -- data-driven and often dry as dirt, but just the facts, mam

Options Trading

This section focuses on tools & resources that are mainly about options trading.

Tutorials & Strategy Guides

Ally Options Playbook

Cheddarflow explainer on option money flow and what you can learn from it

Fidelity Learning Center Options Strategy Guide

Option Alpha tutorials

PowerOptions free tutorial webinars

projectionoption Video Guides (Basics, Strategies, Greeks, IV, and more)

Tastytrade Learning Center

Tastyworks Tutorial Videos by projectoption

Ultimate Guide To Making Money with Options NOTE: Uses nonstandard terms and drastically simplifies complex concepts.

Calculators and Visualizers

CBOE Wingman calculator

Options AI earnings expected move calculator

Options Profit Calculator (web site)

optionseducation.org (affiliate to The OCC)

OptionStrat (free website and apps)

Plot Lion graphs and charts

Ranjha Option Profit Calculator (Android app, free, in-app purchases)

Ranjha Option Profit Calculator (iOS app, free, in-app purchases)

Tactyc Black-Scholes visualizer, with Monte Carlo simulation of option price outcomes

Tactyc Option Strategy Analyzer

Tigerstance - discover, screen, visualize option strategies (requires registration for free content)

Volsage Greeks (requires registration)

Wolfram Alpha Black-Scholes simple model

Brokers & Trading Platforms (USA)

Charles Schwab


Power E*Trade

TD Ameritrade/thinkorswim


Brokers & Trading Platforms (Canada, EU, UK, etc.)

Canadian brokers for options traders. TL;DR - Interactive Brokers is recommended.

Degiro: a Dutch discount broker

Interactive Brokers: the largest broker for EU traders with the lowest pricing for US stocks, but a complicated platform.

Saxo Bank: an innovative Danish broker

Current & Historical Data

IVolatility historical option data and charting (most data is paywalled, but some free samples)

MarketChameleon historical option IV and charting (requires registration)

optioneducation.org (The OCC affiliate) 20 minute delayed option chain quotes WITH greeks

Optionistics historical prices

Trading Journals & Record Keeping

Options Journal app (paid, possible free beta)

Options Trading IQ trading journal spreadsheet (requires registration)

TastyTracker (requires registration, has an app)

Two Investing option trading journal spreadsheet


eDeltapro backtesting site (paid only, but has full-featured free trial with registration)

OptionStack backtesting tool (paid only, but has free trial)

ORATS backtesting blog

Spintwig (mostly credit trading strategies)

thinkorswim thinkBack

Technical Analysis

Daytrading Simulator article on TA for options

Fidelity TA for options trading Webinar PDF

Investopedia top technical indicators

TDA three indicators to check

Research & Indicators

Finlo (free 7-day trial, paid subscription tiers) Research and portfolio tracking

Simpler Trading (mostly paid but some free articles, Q&A, videos, etc. Alerts, articles, indicators, app: including hedge fund short interest)

Squeeze Metrics Dark Index

TradeIV indicators app only (Free beta in 2020) (darkpool, unusual option trades)

TradeUI (free trial) (darkpool, unusual option trades, alerts, discord)

Trading Volatility indicators (gamma exposure, darkpool) (requires registration)

Screeners & Scanners

Barchart options screener

Barchart leaderboards for Implied Volatility, Volume, Open Interest, etc.


Golden Sweeps (freemium web site)

Market Chameleon options screener

Option Samurai (paid subscription only)

Option Sonar unusual activity scanner (free alerts are delayed, paid subscriptions are real-time)

Quantcha screener (requires registration)

Unusual Whales Gainers -- Twitter feed with delayed alerts here

Option Trading Blogs, Video and Podcast Channels

All option trading video and podcasts channels are collected here, even though they may apply to other sections as well, like Tutorials or Brokers & Trading Platforms.

Fully Informed trading blog

InTheMoney YouTube channel

Option Alpha YouTube channel

Poor vs. Standard podcast

projectoption YouTube channel

Sky View Trading YouTube channel

Start Options tutorial blog

Tastytrade YouTube channel

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