Forex markets are brutal and uncertain territories to explore but at the same time, it offers an immense opportunity to build wealth, prosperity, and enable you to achieve your financial goals in no time.

It is nearly impossible for everyone to be an expert but the great news is you don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of such rewarding opportunities that come at your door every single day.

All you need is a reliable, trustworthy, verified, and well-established trading and forex signal provider who will do all the heavy lifting and you would just need to take a position and see your profits grow.

With that being said it can be a highly daunting task to find a forex signal provider you can rely upon, especially when the market is flooded with false claims and more than 150 providers.

Therefore we have compiled a detailed analysis for you showcasing 15 Best Trading & Forex Signal Providers with an extensive detailed review to help you choose the best forex signal provider for yourself.

Forex Signal Providers Price Signal Frequency Results Strategy Adopted
1. Elliott Wave Forecast 14 days free trial and later subscriptions. Starts $99.99 per month 15-20 per week Verified Trend Following / Blue Boxes
2. 1000pip Builder $97 per month 2 – 7 signals per day Verified by Myfxbook Day trading strategies adopted
3. Learn 2 Trade  £35 per month Between 3 – 5 each day Verified All strategies covered
4. MQL5 $20-$50 per month Depends upon the provider Verified All forex trading strategies covered
5. Forex Signal Factory Free Over 15 each day Available but disorganized Not disclosed
6. FX Leaders $39 per month 90 – 100 per month Provided but difficult to Verify Mostly Technical Indicators
7. WeTalkTrade $79.99 per month 90 – 100 each month Provided but difficult to Verify Mostly Technical Indicators
8. ForexGDP $84 – $147 per month 2 – 25 each month Difficult to Verify Commodities, News analysis, and Trend reversals
9. Signals Premium Based on broker deposit Not disclosed Difficult to Verify Automated technological analysis
10. FX Profit Signals €45 per month Varying Verified on the website Major strategies adopted
11. Pipswin $20 per month 5-8 signals per day Verified but disorganized Day trading strategies adopted
12. Forex Monarch $147 fixed 1-3 signals per day Verified but disorganized Indicator based signals

1. Elliott Wave Forecast

Being one of the largest technical analysis firms in the world, Elliott Wave Forecast offers a wide range of asset groups including Forex, Commodities, Crypto Currency, World Indices, U.S. stocks & ETF.

With such varied asset groups, you can conveniently benefit from almost every upcoming market opportunity and make exponential profits.

The other aspect the makes Elliott Wave Forecast one of the best forex signal providers is its team of experts. As they say, profits can only be in the market when there is solid research behind your decision making.

width=1015Hence at Elliott Wave Forecast, you can bank upon the experience of 10+ market analysts with an extensive background in the financial market and technical analysis. Experts include Eric Morera (Founder & Chief Strategist), Daud Bhatti (Partner & Senior Analyst), Hendra Lau (Analyst & Live Trading Room Host), Lewis Jones (Analyst), Hassan Sheikh (Analyst) Aidan Chan, Vlada Bojic (Chat Moderator), Robb Hutzal (Analyst) and Helgi Diehl (Chat Moderator).

With the above-mentioned names, it is quite evident that Elliott Wave Forecast intends to provide transparency to the users and this immensely enhances their credibility and reliability.

When it comes to service delivery, Elliott Wave Forecast offers a 14 days free trial to its users before any commitments which is a very rare facility to find these days when it comes to forex signal providers making it the best free forex signal provider. This also provides users with an opportunity to get the experience of the platform & builds a long term trust among clients.

Price: Offer Free 14 days Trial and later Subscription Plans can be opted ranging between $99.99 – $399.99 per month

Signal Frequency: Offers personalized services with trading education for an all-round experience

Results: Verified

Strategy Adopted: All strategies covered

2. 1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder is one of the top forex signal providers and has been helping traders for a long time. This service provider offers detailed guidance on the signal trading method, allowing beginners to jump right in and begin trading.

One of this provider’s best key benefits is its alliance with lead founder Bob James. Bob is a mentor and forex trader with over ten years of experience, and he serves as a researcher and analyst for 1000pip. Every day, you can chat directly with Bob James to ask questions or get advice, giving 1000pip Builder a competitive advantage over other signal providers.

Another distinct selling point is 1000pip’s reviewed trading records. Customers may have faith in 1000pip Builder’s trading performance since it is one of the only other signal providers that MyFxBook has checked. The signal provider claims that its trading strategies produced 6,500 pips in 24 months, demonstrating the efficacy of its methods.

1000pip Builder forex signals are distributed through the Telegram app, personal email, and text. Each call includes entry, stop-loss, and take-profit prices, so you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll gain or lose when you sell. This forex signal service offers “pure” signals, enabling you to apply its professional advice however you see fit.

Following your registration, 1000pip Builder will send you detailed guidance on using its signals and starting trading forex. The company says that its offerings are perfect for beginners because it walks you through and steps of the trading mechanism to ensure that you are utilizing the signal data correctly.

In summary, 1000pip Builder has a very strong track record of results and offers 1 to 1 mentoring for those members that need a little extra help. This the best forex signal generator for newbies or anyone who wants help improving their results.

Prices: starting from $97/monthly

Signals Frequency: 2 – 7 signals per day

Results: verified by myfxbook

Strategies Adopted: day trading strategies adopted.

3. Learn 2 Trade

One of the trusted forex signal providers, Learn 2 Trade is known to provide real-time market analysis, trending news, forex trading recommendations as well as ideas.

Learn 2 Trade offer their services in various premium plans where a user can choose among Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, or Lifetime access account to get daily forex signals and daily forex analysis. If you are into investing in stocks do research and invest in best day trading stocks.

Being one of the best forex signal providers in the UK, Learn 2 Trade services begin from £35 and go up to £250 for a Lifetime Account.

Price: Starting with £35 per month

Signal Frequency: Between 3 – 5 each day

Results: Verified

Strategy Adopted: All forex trading strategies are covered

4. MQL5

Being one of the most unique and diversified platforms, MQL5 is one of the major resources for Forex MT4 & MT5 platform users making it one of the best trading platform for forex. Its unique facilities include a Web terminal to provide a full-featured technical analysis platform, social trading facility, and an open marketplace for trading services like applications, hosting services, and others.

Putting more emphasis on performance instead of a stereotypical approach, allows any trader with forex trading experience to offer signals and solely judges the traders on the basis of their performance.

Such a unique approach provides users to experience a diversified network of traders globally.

As this is a competitive marketplace for traders to provide forex signal services, therefore every trader has a different price point for their services depending upon their historic success rate.

However at an average, the service price ranges between $20 to

$50 for the majority of services and all the results claimed are verified.

Price: Averaging between $20-$50 per month

Signal Frequency: Depends upon the provider you choose as this is an open platform

Results: Verified

Strategy Adopted: All forex trading strategies are covered


5. Forex Signal Factory

 Fairly a new entrant and a much lesser-known forex signal provider, Forex Signal Factory is one of the best free forex signal providers in the industry.

It is natural to doubt a forex signal provider with dependable services if not the best services, to offer these services for free and definitely can make you raise your eyebrows.

However, Forex Signal Factory has been in the market for the past 3 years and has gained a reputable position among traders.

With its increasing following on social media like Twitter and Facebook, Forex Signal Factory is determined to become one of the best daily forex signals providers.

Moreover, Forex Signal Factory is the best forex signal provider for beginners as you can get a first-hand experience of forex trading analysis without spending any money. Get to know about how to avoid one of the most common trading traps 

Talking about the drawbacks, one of the major limitations of this forex signal provider is that the results are provided but are entirely unorganized. Therefore if you would like to verify their forex signals then it would be immensely challenging and require a lot of work.

Price: Free

Signal Frequency: Over 15 each day

Results: Available but disorganized and difficult to verify

Strategy Adopted: Not disclosed

6. FX Leaders 

Being a well-known forex signal provider backed by Smart Financial Traffic Ltd., FX Leaders provide forex signal alerts through multiple media like mobile, sound as well as email alerts.

FX Leaders follows a similar approach to that of other forex signal providers with free signal offerings and then charging for premium access.

Varied strategies are adopted by the platform by utilizing the most popular technical analysis tools like Support & Resistance levels, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, Breakouts as well as various oscillators and stochastic indicators.

When it comes to results, FX Leaders does provide a reference report every 6 months with all the signals as well as monthly gain or loss however none of these trades are verified.

Price: $39 per month

Signal Frequency: Between 90 – 100 per month

Results : Provided but difficult to Verify

Strategy Adopted: Mostly Technical Indicators

Get to know the list of indicators, which are very helpful and used by the majority of the traders in Forex Trading

7. WeTalkTrade

Even after being a newbie, WeTalkTrade has built strong popularity and reputation among traders. One of the reasons that make WeTalkTrade the best forex signal provider is its application services through which they deliver their services.

Moreover, WeTalkTrade adapts to the new age technical demands with their app which is compatible with both android as well as iOS and offers services through instant notifications.

Post-in-depth analysis of their results it is difficult to comment on their claim of providing an 85% success rate on 12 currency pairs. We weren’t able to find any verified results backing their promise of an 85% success rate and it will be wise to assume that this number is most probably a guesstimate.

Price: $79.99 per month

Signal Frequency: Between 90 – 100 each month

Results: Provided but difficult to Verify

Strategy Adopted: Mostly Technical Indicators

8. ForexGDP

Considered one of the best forex signals providers, ForexGDP has made a name for itself in forex signal providing services. ForexGDP offers trade alerts with targeted gains of around 300 – 1500 pips each month.

Being focused more on quality and aiming to provide trades with a high probability of profitability, ForexGDP provides a limited number of signal recommendations. In fact, after reviewing their signal frequency we can deduce that they offer an average of only 2 – 20 forex signals each month.

The reason why ForexGDP is one of the most sought after forex signal provider is its free package offerings that provides 2 to 4 recommendations and can be beneficial for beginners to get free forex signals online.

Price: Between $84 – $147 per month

Signal Frequency: Between 2 – 25 each month

Results: Difficult to Verify

Strategy Adopted: Mostly based on commodities, news analysis, and trend reversals

9. Signals Premium

Being one of the best forex signal providers in the UK, Signals Premium is a specialized platform that offers trade alerts for Forex traders as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Their focus is to provide around 16 signals per day and deliver around 60% to 80% success rate, which sounds pretty reasonable.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Signals Premium also runs various other providers like signals tips, signals place, primer signals, signals, and few others.

One thing to be wary of is the negative reputation all the brokers have gained due to bad reviews and lack of regulation.

This impacts Signals Premium tremendously as the platform requires the user to put a deposit with one of these brokers to sign up and with such a negative reputation, it will be natural for users to be hesitant.

Moreover, the forex signals results are also not verified raising many questions. Their claims made on the platform also could not be verified and naturally raises few concerns about their transparency.

Price: Based on broker deposit

Signal Frequency: Not disclosed

Results: Difficult to Verify

Strategy Adopted: Automated technological analysis

10. FX Profit Signals.com

The platform fxprofitssignals.com offers forex trading signals.

Fxprofitsignals offers various investment instruments, such as forex, bitcoins, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Instead of providing forex signals to its customers, the company employs a revolutionary copy trading system that allows users to replicate a professional trader’s forex transactions with a few mouse clicks.

The copy trading system on Fxprofitsignals.com is easy. To start, locate the trader whose exchanges you want to replicate. The website has over 12 million users; however, you may limit your choices by selecting your investment goals and budget. We recommend that you seek out an investor with an established track record of progress.

If you’ve identified an investor to clone, you’ll need to inform them of the amount of money you want to invest in them. You may then copy all of their trades using Fxprofitssignals.com direct-broker software. You may mirror a dealer’s gestures if they make a trade, saving you the time and hassle of manually operating on forex signals.

The platform’s risk-free demo mode is a notable feature. When you sign up for an account, the company will give you $100,000 in fictitious money in the form of a virtual portfolio, which you can use to test the company’s services for free. When you’re finished, make a $200 deposit to begin copy trading.

Forex traders who choose to take a hands-off approach to trade but still making informed judgments will profit from Fxprofitssignals.com trading services.

Price: 45 Euro per month

Signal Frequency: Varying, depending on market conditions

Results: verified extensively on the platform/website.

Strategies Adopted: all methods are adopted

11. Pipswin

For all traders, Pipswin offers the choice of buying regular forex signals. All have access to PAID signals. They will send you an email prior to making the trade to ensure that you do not miss out on any chances.

Pipswin’s key task is to provide the signal that you will be willing to use immediately and that the user will benefit from. The call from PipsWin is distinct from that of the other bogus websites. Our mission at PipsWin is to ensure the prosperity of all merchants, so we are continually working to improve our services. Every day, new technologies and methods are introduced.

The services are an essential part of financial investment strategies. The staff has the expertise and knowledge you’ll need to achieve your trading objectives. We are also here to support you.

PipsWin traders handle things for customers. They effectively assess economies, track the labor economy, and assist customers in using sound signals. In addition, pipswin offers comprehensive reports on each exchange we make, such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Entry Point. Customers COPY and PASTE information from their phones into the trading platform, and we all benefit.

Prices: Starting from $20/month

Signal frequency: 5-8 trading signals per day

Results: Verified but disorganized

Strategies adopted: Day trading strategies adopted

12. Forex Monarch

Unlike many other websites that claim to have the best and most accurate signal, this one does not. In contrast, the customer’s financial performance will not advance to such levels. Some appear to have lost money when following the forex signal, while the rest claim to have trouble having the right trades from even the most renounced forex signal.

That’s why, as a group of veteran traders, Fxmonarch decided to put their own money at risk in order to test the best forex trading signal providers and provide you with the top ten that make money. It’s worth noting that the determining criteria are solely based on how many pips each signal produces for them and which one is merely a novelty. The win ratio is moderate; however, with proper risk management you can make good return on investment on the longer term.

Prices: $97 fixed.

Signal frequency: Starting from moderate signals (1-3) to extreme signals (5-10) per day.

Results: verified but disorganized

Strategies adopted: Indicator based signals

Other Forex Signal Providers worth Checking

13. Pips Alert

14. Crypto Signals Guru

15. Signals Blue


Conclusively, it is quite evident from the above-mentioned details that all forex signal providers listed are best in many aspects, however, it is always suggested to choose the forex signal service provider who is transparent, reliable, and focuses on long term business relations with its clients.

Please note the above list of forex signal providers is based on key aspects like customer support, trading strategy adopted, availability, value for money and pricing, customer happiness and range of instruments covered.

The list of providers were researched by Shayan who is an experienced freelance researcher on Financial Markets.. All products listed were reviewed based on the aforementioned criteria and solely based on his independent views and opinions.

Therefore considering all these factors, Elliott Wave Forecast trumps all the rest of the providers with its state-of-the-art technological platform, reliable customer service, and convenience of access to 78 World markets under one roof.

Master Elliott Wave and Elliott Wave Theory like a Pro. Download Free E-book. Also check out the list of best stock trading apps


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