The following guide covers the Best EV Penny Stocks to buy for the inevitable electric vehicle boom.

The best EV penny stocks are IDEX, CBAT, SOLO, AYRO, and many others found in this list.

Similar to 5G Penny Stocks, some of these companies can be considered very Undervalued Stocks that could provide major returns long-term!

While Robinhood is the most used brokerage for trading EV penny stocks, all of the stocks in this guide can be traded on any popular brokerage such as Vanguard, WeBull, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and others.

Prior to diving into the best EV penny stocks, it’s important to understand what a penny stock is and the risks associated with investing in them. See our popular guide below.

Best Penny Stocks & How to Find Them


What is a Penny Stock?

A penny stock is defined by Investopedia as the stock of a small company that trades for less than $5 per share.

Therefore, an EV penny stock is a company whose stock trades for less than $5 per share and is involved in the electric vehicle industry.


In the past many classified penny stocks as company stocks that trade for less than $1.00 per share. This was later modified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Although all penny stocks listed below trade on huge exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), it’s important to note that most trade over the counter through the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB).

Many small businesses use their penny stocks as a way to access funding from retail investors.

Important: Before investing in penny stocks, it’s important to understand the risks and commonalities of penny stocks.

Investing in penny stocks is not a common trend among the world’s best investors. The greatest investors are known to hold broad market Index Funds for decades.

In fact, the best investors are actually dead:

Best Investors are Dead – Fidelity Study

Some of the main risks with investing in penny stocks include the following:

  • High volatility
  • Unproven businesses
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Targets for “pump and dumps”
  • Higher probability of bankruptcy and fraud
  • Limited company financial records

While there are several risks, it is still very possible for investors to make money from EV penny stocks through share appreciation.

The same can also be said for promising companies who file for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Best Upcoming IPOs to Buy in 2021

Some of the household companies today that were once penny stocks include Apple, Ford, Snap, Monster Beverage, Plug Power, and more.

Below you will find a complete list of the best EV penny stocks.

Legal Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. Those contributing to Wealthy Diligence are not licensed financial advisors, tax planners, real estate agents, or legal professionals. Each visitor shall be solely responsible for the decisions they make.

I recommend bookmarking this page to keep you up to date on the Best EV Penny Stocks. This page is updated daily for your reference.

The following list was last updated on Tue, Aug, 31, 2021

As of this writing, all EV penny stocks listed below are currently available for trading on Robinhood and other brokerages.

This is similar to our list of Best Silver Stocks and Best Sports Betting Stocks.

The EV penny stocks below are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Company outlook
  • Market Cap
  • Historical performance
  • Average Volume


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1. Ideanomics (IDEX)

Ideanomics (IDEX) is one of the most highly traded EV penny stocks on this list for those investing in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

This software company has an impressive market cap of $1.43B and its average price over the past year is between $3-3.50 per share.


Market Cap: $1.43B

Average Volume: 8.29M


2. CBAK Energy Technology (CBAT)

CBAK Energy Technology (CBAT) is a global leader in the production of lithium batteries. Due to the increased demand for electric vehicles, lithium battery producers will greatly benefit.

This company carries a market cap above $456 million and is heavily traded with an average volume above 1 million.

See our list of Best Lithium Stocks for more quality companies involved in lithium production.


Market Cap: $456.19M

Average Volume: 1.08M


3. Electrameccania Vehicles (SOLO)

Electrameccania Vehicles (SOLO) is a familiar name to those currently investing in the EV space. They specialize in the development and manufacturing of electric vehicles.

This Canadian-based company has a market cap exceeding $500 million and is traded frequently with an average volume of almost 2 million.


Market Cap: $511.12M

Average Volume: 1.96M


4. Ayro Inc (AYRO)

Ayro Inc (AYRO) specializes in the design of compact electric fleet solutions in urban markets. Their current models include the Club Car 411 and AYRO 311.

This Texas-based EV company has a market cap of above $190 million and has yielded a return of over 245% for its investors over the past 5 years!


Market Cap: $190.53M

Average Volume: 508.81K


5. Medigus (MDGS)

While better known for the medical side of its business, Medigus (MDGS) also plays a role in the EV space through its subsidiaries such as ScoutCam and Charging Robotics.

This company is headquartered in Israel and holds a market cap above $54 million. Medigus is also heavily traded with an average volume of 1.69 million.


Market Cap: $54.06M

Average Volume: 1.69M


6. Aqua Metals (AQMS)

Aqua Metals (AQMS) specializes in the production of recycled lead through its own process called “AquaRefining.”

This company is based in Nevada and touts a market cap above $254 million and an average volume of 1.08 million.


Market Cap: $254.78M

Average Volume: 1.08M


7. Ault Global Holdings (DPW)

Ault Global Holdings (DPW) finishes our list of best EV penny stocks. This company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This EV company focuses on the design and development of flexible power system solutions for several industries.


Market Cap: $143.75M

Average Volume: 2.71M

How to Find EV Penny Stocks on Robinhood

Finding the best EV penny stocks on Robinhood is a simple process we outline below. Follow these quick steps.

1. Sign up for a free Robinhood account – Click Here to Sign Up With Free Stock

2. Click the search bar on top and enter “automotive” or you can select the “automotive” option under Trending Lists.


3. You are now able to see the most popular EV stocks traded on Robinhood.


4. Next click the “Price” column to sort from lowest share price to highest. That’s it! You can now find the most popular EV penny stocks.


Overall, these are the best EV penny stocks currently available. Always be sure to invest responsibly!

Refer to the video below for even more EV penny stock ideas:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best EV Penny Stocks?

The best EV penny stocks are IDEX, CBAT, SOLO, AYRO, and many others found in this list.

What is an EV penny stock?

An EV penny stock is the stock of a company in the electric vehicle industry that trades for less than $5.00 per share.

What are the best EV penny stocks under $2.00?

The best EV penny stocks under $2.00 are MDGS, AQMS, and others found in this guide.

Are EV penny stocks a good investment?

Penny stocks have historically been very risky, volatile, and the companies behind them are unproven. While it is possible to make money from EV penny stocks, there are several investment alternatives that have yielded higher returns in the past.

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