Pushing the limits, of those who dare to dream.

Who we are

We like to call ourselves Startup Developers.We help build successful companies by offering the right combination of
capital, knowledge & network to passionate entrepreneurs.

What we do

Whether it’s right at the beginning or in the middle of the race, we partner with entrepreneurs and guide them to the finish line.

How we do it

We have an Integrated approach to Startup Development where we bundle together all the elements that help startups become more successful.

Continuous Capital

Corporate Connects

Gap Based Mentoring

Global Market Access

Resourceful Network

Sector Specific Expertise

Our Core Values

We intend to create long lasting relationships and walk the journey together with all our stakeholders. Our organization is built upon the very same principles.

We flourish when you all flourish.


What drives us

We started with an idea of democratizing angel investing and making startup investment as an asset class available to investors across the country and the globe. Now, we are onto creating the largest community of entrepreneurs and investors globally through education and technology.
We want to create the world’s largest integrated incubator.

We want you to think of us first, whether you are
starting up or looking to invest in startups.

What we look for

We are ALL IN if you have either of it, a combination of it or all of it.

Target Market





We do not interfere We do not teach entrepreneurship We are enablers We are friends We are extended families We are the biggest supporters

What We Offer

We are extremely bullish on the India story and more so, on the Indian entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and we are aggressively looking to invest in and incubate the future of India’s tomorrow.

$ 200K - Mn

Investment size

Focus: Sector Agnostic

Turn Around Time: Super-Fast

Approach: Founder’s First

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