Viewing your Halifax share dealing account in online banking

It’s now easier to view and access your Share Dealing account

Why use Online Banking or the app?

  • Feel safe - Youre protected by our Online Guarantee.
  • Easy to use - Its simple to register and support is always available.
  • Save time – Use your account anytime and anywhere with our Mobile Banking services.

How to get online and use the mobile app?

  1. Open a share dealing account – If you haven’t already opened a share dealing account you’ll need to do this first. See our full range of accounts to get started
  2. Register for Online Banking – If you haven’t banked online with us before you’ll need to register. It only takes a few minutes if we already have your phone number.
  3. Download the Mobile Banking app – Once you’ve registered for Online Banking you’ll be able to sign in on the app

Commonly asked questions and answers

    • The total value of all your investments within the account
    • The total cash balance (which is available to invest)

    Please note, The total value is not real-time and is updated once a day (at the end of the business day), to get a more accurate value simply click on your account.

  • You can set the mobile app to automatic updates to ensure you are using the latest version. To do this open settings and select app store and select automatic app updates. 

  • Although you can see the new Share Dealing account in Online Banking, you will not be able to access this due to restrictions on the account. If you wish to trade or check any account details you should call customer services on 03457 22 55 25.

  • This can occur if your full name including titles and any middle names in Online Banking doesn’t match your full name in Stockbroking. If this is the case you will need to go to the branch to amend your name. Once this is done you can go to Online Banking help for your records to be merged.

    If you need help with Online Banking, our Online Banking Help section aims to answer your questions. Please call us on 0345 602 0000 if you have an account specific enquiry.

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