Customer success stories

SaaS transforms the way organisations interact with their customers and communities with access to their enterprise data from any device, anywhere, at any time.

We build and deliver truly great products and services that transform business and make life simple for our customers.

Deepest functionality for the markets we serve

A deep understanding and engagement with our key markets means we can deliver to our customers integrated, preconfigured solutions that provide proven practice, streamline implementations and reduce time, cost and risk.

  • Empowering over 1.4 million students globally, and mobilising over 60 per cent of ANZ universities.

    Provide a simple and engaging experience for students and staff and manage your institutions critical information with confidence, so you can focus on driving student success.

  • 73% of Australian and New Zealand residents live in a council powered by TechnologyOne.

    Reduce costs, improve efficiency and streamline processes through end-to-end management of council operations.

  • Trusted by 1 in 4 public sector organisations across ANZ. 

    Reduce risk, automate compliance and auditability, improve efficiency and streamline processes through end-to-end management of government operations.

  • Empowering over 150 health and community services organisations.

    Operate in an increasingly complex and competitive environment while maintaining financial sustainability, so you can focus on better health outcomes.

  • Managing over $300 billion worth of assets and infrastructure.

    Deliver faster, smarter field services for asset management and project delivery.
    Reduce costs, remove complexity and streamline processes with one integrated solution.

  • Managing over $30 billion in funds.

    Streamline the day-to-day running and strategic goals of your organisation by effectively managing financials, budgeting, clients, billing, employees and assets.

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