Traction in the realm of digital money is rapidly gaining momentum due to the continuously evolving technology in cryptography. Also known to many as cryptocurrencies, these virtual currencies are trending on the wall street thus creating importance in the stock exchanges in the USA and the world at large. Cryptocurrencies have evolved further to similar tokens known as alt coins. For all enthusiasts of the crypto industry, altcoins have nearly equal significance as any other coin in virtual currencies.

Alternative to the pioneering digital coin i.e. Bitcoin, an Altcoin is an online currency which governs itself within its own protocols. Similar to bitcoins and related cryptocurrencies’ such as ether and Litecoin, an alt coin uses blockchain technology thus making it decentralized. Further, among the key attributes of altcoin token includes the use of peer-to-peer transactions which are efficient and secure. The reputation and the success scenarios of bitcoin presided over the emergence of Altcoins which are currently gaining a grip in the market.

What are the Top Ten Altcoin?

Before digging deeper into the ten majors Altcoin in the 2021 market, there are types of Altcoin which require a clear and precise explanation. They are more of categories and flavors distinguished by blockchain market capitalization, their functionalities and more importantly, their consensus mechanisms. They include:


 Mining-Based Altcoin

Through a scheme known as Proof-of-Work algorithm, mining-based bitcoin is mined into existence through a sequence of unravelling problematic procedures which results in new blocks. On this website, you can learn the do’s and don’ts of mining as well.

Stable coins

The dispersion measure of cryptocurrencies shows an increase in digital money volatility. The solution towards these issues of security are intended to be solved by the stablecoins. Stable coins are types of Altcoins which peg fiat currencies in the field of virtual money.  

Security tokens Altcoins

Can be referred to as traditional bitcoin injected in the stock markets and hold digital protocols on the wall street. In the world of Initial Coin Offering alias ICOs, security tokens types of altcoin are significant to cryptocurrencies investors.

Utility tokens Altcoin

A filecoin is an example of a utility token which is used as gateways within a given network infrastructure. If you wish to secure a space storage, utility token altcoins are the better option.

With the above flavors of Altcoins on the wall street, there are ten trending Altcoin that every investor is concerned about right now. Coinbase is your cryptocurrency trading platform with secure bank and financial transactions for your Altcoin trading experience. Best Altcoin bitcoins are as follows.




On the current bitcoin market rank, Litecoin ranks at the 9th position making it a less preferred option to bitcoin investors. However, it is one of the best altcoins in the game at the moment. It is an investment darling to dozens of investors when you compare its market cap with bitcoin. Unlike bitcoin, the overall supply of Litecoin altcoins stands at 84 million units making way greater than BTC which stands at 21 million units. It is a mined-based best altcoin and its algorithms suit miners more than bitcoin.



As many people like to call it as the ether, ETH is still on demand to cryptocurrencies fanatics in 2021. It is a very dominant crypto that is ranked as the second in the realm of BTC. The protocols of Ethereum are used as the foundation of Dapps also known as decentralized applications and fundamentally, it houses smart contracts. Ethereum is on demand in 2021 due to the increased use of smart contracts which secure transactions and operations in the online world.


Cardano alias ADA

Among the pioneers of this token ditched Ethereum advancements and decided to build the Cardano. A group of mathematicians, cryptographers and engineers collaborated towards the creation of an Altcoin that met the demands that were not fulfilled by the Ethereum. The Cardano attributes are similar to that of Ethereum which solemnly focus on decentralization of financial products. In the crypto sector, this bitcoin acts as an operating system for all financial organizations across the globe.



Ethereum token which is often referred to as the ether (ETH) has triggered a lot of bitcoins in the modern world. One of the best altcoins fostered by the ether is the Chainlink with similar value as the Litecoin BTC. It mends the loopholes of technological contracts such as Ethereum smart contracts and related data decentralized applications. It is an Oracle Network engineered blockchain and currently a finance friendly token. Access the Chainlink coin today at Coinbase.


BNB alias Binance Coin

It is a utility toke altcoin that is currently trending in the market. Discover the potential of the Binance coin on Coinbase website today and get a user-friendly platform where crypto trading is made easy. Binance coin blockchain is ranked as the best in terms of exchange on the wall streets due to largest trading volumes done on the BTC.



This is the fenomenal project as World’s First Crypto loot boxes. Real cocktail of lootboxes and crypto. When many asked if the Coinsloot is a scam ? Development team in a silent manner delivered amazing and innovative project . Real loot boxes market place platform with NFT tokens and Binance Smart Chain. Why to invest in Coinsloot? or It safe to invest in Loot tokens? – The answer will leave it for you. However Coinsloot has been nominated to Award of best project during AIBC summit in Dubay May 2021. With the price of $0.10-$0.15 as an initial investment ICO for us it is a one of the most attractive investments of this year. However you need to act fast. When we written the article was only 7% left tokens to sale and end is generally in end of May 2021. After this date to buy the coin you will need to go to one of the main crypto market , however the price could be much higher.



XMR AKA Monero

In 2014, the community of cryptographers developed a digital asset that would hold the advantages of strong and dependable protocols of decentralization and technological scalability. Monero is a bitcoin with exclusive privacy algorithms called ring signatures which makes transactions untraceable. It accounts for the world’s largest and high criminal transactions.


Polkadot (DOT)

Technology fanatics know the importance of interoperability when it comes to systems and related technology. Polkadot links other blockchains through interoperability algorithms achieved through unique proof-of-stake cryptography metrics. For bitcoins to work together, the Polkadot associates and links blockchains through a protocol network thus accomplishing shared security.



Ethereum has continued to forerun best altcoins in the market and Uniswap is another bitcoin of the same kind. Through decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, the Uniswap performs procedures that match the ether. It is important to note that it operates on a single object level despite its foundation on Ethereum.



Markus and Palmer jokingly established the Dogecoin altcoin which have the potential to inflate substantially. The technological infrastructure used to develop this altcoin is called the Script algorithm. The coin is currently receiving support from tesla company and the growth of this digital asset is notable for the past two months in 2021.

What are the Best Altcoins?

The crypto sector requires a cognitive analysis not just for the present uses but also for the future prospects of bitcoin investment. The blockchain network is experiencing certain volatility due to vast increase in technological advancements and proper market cap analysis is required before trading. These are the best altcoin crypto in 2021:

The Litecoin

In the crypto industry, the Litecoin is a favorite altcoin for multiple investors and they often refer it as a silver to bitcoin. The acceptance rate of this token in 2021 has increased due to a relatively exchange rate increase in a short period of time. In two months’, time, the Litecoin against the dollar was worth $196 and as of this writing, the Litecoin against the dollar is $266. The price has attracted traders in the United States wall street enthusiasts and other global investors.


It hasn’t gone unnoticed in the market when two altcoins namely EOS and NEO are actively competing with the Ethereum classic. Market analysts have continuously predicted that the coin will gradually rise to its significance in the field of software engineering and online transaction increase. Ethereum you can buy directly with card or sepa transfer on the CoinCasso Exchange.


It is the third altcoin token expected to rise significantly due to the unsettling technological growth in the modern world. With magical gains since 2018, investors are expected to leap big in future due to a long-term price prediction expected.

Which Altcoin will explode in 2021?

The current trend of cryptocurrencies booming in 2021 was somehow predicted by numerous analysts. Many beginners and veterans of the crypto industry are confused on the best strategy for a huge Return of Investment in this particular year. With over 7000 invested digital assets, this article opts to provide the best altcoin expended to explode in 2021. Note better that the dynamic nature of altcoin makes it an easy way to change.

CoinsLoot – Loot token

There is many reasons why Coinsloot project will explode on the market in 2021. Nomination like best NFT platform of the year – means that project is spotted by the worldwide specialists. As decentralised platform will totally open mind of users and connects sellers and buyers without needs of any payment system. Global platform for NFT with marketplace and no losing loot boxes system made CoinsLoot also the best users defi apps for random exchange of coins. Also it give an access for new and small investors – only 1000 LOOTs are required for staking value. Prices of LOOT tokens are starting about $0.10 and can be purchased by ETH. However in case of business , value of loot boxes itself starts from $10 and skyrocketing to even $2000, making Coinsloot as global attractive platform for 2021 and it is already launched. Double staking power mechanism, make users – token holders will discouraged from selling thier own coins to keep our of losing the financial power. In case of business matter it is very important to not losing the financial power while staking.


By the end of 2021, the expected rise of the ETH will be up to $6000 per coin. This is as a result of Ethereum 2.0 which has stronger algorithms of blockchain technology likely and currently being adopted by many across the computing world. Statistics show that prominent decentralized applications known as Dapps operate on the Ethereum blockchain.  


By November 2021, it is arguable that the token will rise beyond $496 due to reasons such as the Litecoin adopting bitcoin attributes of fiat or rather expected approval.


The market capitalization of Cardano is all time growing due to the alternative use of algorithms called the Proof of Stake technology. The price of this token is expected to significantly rise in 2021 and it might hit the $2.0000 target. The trending bitcoin bull run places altcoin at the perfect spot of rising and returning in the investment. 2021 is likely the year of altcoins.

Which Altcoins have the most potential in 2021?

2021 is the cryptocurrency year of gains but investors should keep in mind the high volatility traits of bitcoins. You risk your capital but with good analysis and prediction, you stand a chance to leap massively this year. Altcoin foundation is based on bitcoin and the recent trend of bitcoin is interesting investors on the wall street.

It is believed that altcoins increase in price when the BTC rises. In 2021, expect Litecoin to rise significantly following the trend of bitcoin bullish. Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are also expected to grow and yield profits to wall street funs and the world at large. Cardano and the ripple are slightly predicted to be on the rising too. According to this article analysis, IOTA, Tron and Neo will be on the rise but their contribution in the technological world echoes otherwise.  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Which crypto will boom in 2021?

The Polkadot coin should be among the digital currency in your 2021 bitcoin financial investment. The ripple will increase your Returns of Investment and bitcoin exchange in the year. According to the statistics on the best altcoin in the market, Litecoin is worth your investment strategies. Chainlink should be a cryptocurrency investment option in 2021.

  1. Crypto Trading for Dummies

This website gives you reliable facts about cryptocurrencies in terms of market capabilities related beneficial facts about blockchain technology. It is important to understand that blockchain coins or rather digital currencies are not funded by perceptible securities or real assets. Cryptocurrencies are transacted and exchanged between agreeing parties. The digital ledger which is referred to as the blockchain technology tracks the transactions.  

  1. What’s the best crypto to invest in 2021?

According to statistics generated through consensus and the vast cryptocurrency industry, the prices of virtual currencies as from match have changed thus showing the way forwards for investors in the United States of America and the world at large. The top ten digital currencies to invest in 2021 include; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether, Cardano, Polkadot, ripple, Litecoin, Chainlink and lastly stellar.   

  1. Bitcoin bull run is over

My cognitive suggestion is that the bitcoin bull market is just but starting. Look at it this way, the multiple time frames of technological advancements are not dropping as time goes by. Blockchain technologies are on demand and due to such factors, 2021 will remain a bullish year for bitcoin.

ICO Investment vs Altcoin Trading

Initial Coin Offering investment can be explained as a strategy in the crypto industry to raise funds in terms of digital coin where the money is used in the development of a new feature in cryptocurrency, application development funds or so forth. It is also known as Initial Public Offering (IPO).

That’s why the Coinsloot could close this year with success and higher prices.

On the other hand, Altcoin are digital currencies founded as a result of bitcoin best case scenarios which is bitcoins success. They act as alternatives of bitcoin and altcoin trading is the practice of exchanging the alternative tokens.

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